Teaching Practice

1. Procedures of Teaching
January 18, 2019 is supposedly the start of my observation but since the students of SMP Labschool UPI went for a field trip, we just stayed at our dormitory. January 22, all I thought I will start my observation, but I was shocked when my cooperating teacher said that I will start right away my class. At first, my brain cells cannot accept yet the information being told by my CT but since this is now part of reality, I started discussing my lesson and I am just lucky that the topic is all about Modern Dance. Perks of being a dancer in my college, it is an advantage for me of teaching a type of dance.

For the first week, I taught all the classes of grade 7 and grade 8 an example of Modern Dance and the title of the song that they danced is “Closer”. Second and third week, I came prepared and ready to discuss another subtopic of Modern Dance. All throughout that two weeks are all about discussing and having activities to motivate students in learning my lesson. For my Final Demonstration, I chose Philippine Folk Dance as my topic. My Cooperating Teacher suggests that as my topic because she wanted her students to learn one folk dance from the Philippines. I taught them some basic dance steps of Carinosa and they enjoyed dancing. In teaching for almost 4 weeks, I used instructional materials such as pictures printed on an A4-size paper, videos that I got from the Internet and Powerpoint presentations. These materials helped me in teaching and guiding my students.

2. Time Management and Organizing activities
First, based from the lesson plan that I got from one of the PE Teachers at SMP Labschool UPI, there is allocation of time or alokasi waktu in order to know the allotted time and I will just follow that throughout the week. Second, I did consider also the students’ differences. In the lesson plan that I made, there are three domain of learning present – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. There are also games evident in every meeting so the students won’t get bored and to motivate them in learning.

3. Problem-solving
In terms of teaching, I think the only problem present is the barrier regarding languages. There are just two to three students know how to speak English. Thus, in order to communicate with them, I always put translated words in Bahasa in my Powerpoint Presentation and even in their test papers that I prepared, the questions were translated in Bahasa. It’s hard but I am enjoying teaching and in return I got the chance to learn the national language of Indonesia and the local language of Bandung which is the Sundanese.

4. Classroom Management
Before teaching, I want to have a clean and safe environment so that my students will not be harmed from sharp things or deadly materials, a conducive learning indeed is all I am asking. The atmosphere promotes friendly and jolly environment and encourages fairness and equality. I want also for them to know first that before the start of my teaching, they should pay attention while I am talking and discussing my lesson. I want also for them to participate in every activity that I did prepare. All the instructional materials used are all relevant, durable and can attract each student’s attention.

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