Summary and Suggestions

1. Purposes of Practicum
For almost four academic years that we are honed inside the institution, we are buckled with pedagogical knowledge and skills that we did apply during the practice teaching. The purpose of Teaching Practicum is to prepare the student in his or her profession in the future and to develop one’s capability.

2. Procedures of Practicum
These are the scenarios happened throughout the practicum:
First day: Observation day but became the start of my teaching practicum
Second Day to Fourth day of the first week of my stay at SMP Labschool UPI: I taught my students an example of modern dance titled “Closer”
Fifth Day: Together with my co-SEA Teacher, we lead the Zumba held at their gymnasium.
For second and third week, I discussed a new subtopic about modern dance and made activites to motivate the students. In the final demonstration, I taught the students an example of a Philippine Folk Dance called “Carinosa” and they did enjoy dancing.

3. Outcomes of Practicum
Even though I traveled for miles just to experience this practicum and left my family in my country for almost a month, I gained numerous benefits from this SEA Teacher Project. Throughout my stay at Bandung, Indonesia, I learned a lot from their culture, and I respect all of them. I met different people from different nations and with that, I gained another knowledge and their great cultures also. In teaching, I have learned many Bahasa and Sundanese words. Teachers and students at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia taught me some Bahasa and Sundanese words. Thus, while I am teaching, I used some of the words I know, and I can see from the faces of my students the smile of triumph for they saw the aftermath of their doings- my students teaching me their language.

I did it!

4. The challenges of practicum

“Hey dear,
Let yourself be free
From anxiety and fear
Take on the challenges
Enjoy the progress of the work
Live through every second.” -Jasmine Curtis Smith

We can’t stop problems and challenges in our lives. Problems can make us stronger and become better in the future. We use them as weapons in order to continue good living.
There are still certain problems that came during my stay and teaching at Sekolah Menengah Pertama Sekolah Laboratorium Percontohan Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. First, I did not bring any materials in making authentic instructional materials. Thus, I bought materials in different places at Setiabudhi, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I spent less than a hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah because of materials in printing test papers. It doesn’t matter if I spent a lot just because of the things needed in my teaching. It is normal and it is for my students. I will do everything for my students for them to learn better. Second, the language barrier. Not all Grade 7 and 8 students at Sekolah Menengah Pertama Labschool Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia are fluent in English Language. Some students need translations from their classmates who know how to speak English. Thus, the duration of my discussion is limited because there are still problems in communicating with my students. I will impart the lesson, one of my students will translate it. These two are the challenges I met during my practicum but these problems mold me to become tougher and better.

5. Overall Impression
Pre-service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia or the SEA-Teacher Project established by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) had given me the greatest opportunity that every student in the whole Asia is willing to participate. Indeed, I am a lucky one. I never imagined I will have this opportunity to become one of the SEA teachers and have the chance to work with different nationalities. This program really helped me in honing my teaching strategies and interact with different people from different countries in Asia. There are the challenges involved but they give me the courage to fight and stand strong in the battle. I used the pedagogical knowledge and skills I have learned for almost 4 years of being a student at Mariano Marcos State University. Indeed, Mariano Marcos State University gave me this opportunity because they know I will be able to win in this battle. Through this project alone, I came to discover that teaching profession is not a joke. From preparing the lesson, your materials to be used in discussing your topic, in engaging with your students and from the environment. I gained new experiences and saw several scenic spots that I really admire the moment I stare each of them.
The learning that I gained from this project will serve as my weapon in teaching my next students and for future purposes. I will surely use them. It gives a sense of pride to be one of the SEA Teachers and I am glad and honored.

6. Suggestions for future improvement
Students of SMP Labschool Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia are good in participating every activity in the school. They are active and jolly and, great dancers. Nevertheless, throughout my teaching at SMP Labschool UPI, I noticed that only two or three students only know English language. Some students are depending on the translations by their classmates that are fluent in English. So far, that is only the problem that I met during my teaching at the said school but overall is that all the students are great and have good morals. Thus, I suggest for future improvement is that try to insert English as their subject or try learning English language for future purposes and it will be an advantage for them also when they will me foreign people.

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